Kablam, I Love You

Her heart suddenly exploded today
Sitting upright in a hard black office chair while
Updating spreadsheets
Numbers ricocheted off spongy grey matter
Enter and delete
Motion, quash, errata

But at once a dripping noise burrowed into her brain
Blue splattered across a grey landscape
Red burst on the scene
Breaths came in short, pained pulls
Primary visual instinctual reactions
Colorful coronary dysfunction
Her heart burst

Reality is more than numbers
More than grey matter and black chairs and spreadsheets
Seal it off seal it off seal it
Keep it dry
Try all you want and one day
Riding the bus or tying your shoes
There will be a splat
And with that
Your heart with explode and you’ll know, but won’t live to tell.


5 thoughts on “Kablam, I Love You

  1. Somebody seriously needed a vacation! I can truly relate. I don’t crunch numbers but I dissect people’s words for a living and there are days when my eyes send garbage to my brain and then my head explodes!

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